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Last modified: February 8, 2014

Terms of Service – User Agreement

This Agreement becomes effect by using any services provided by http://0daymusic.org
1. http://0daymusic.org allows users to share or store files online for FREE.

2. The user is provided an additional paid service which allows upload or download files stored on a server at overspeed and without advertising.

3. Permitted file upload size is limited generally to 2 GB.

4. Service http://0daymusic.org undertakes to store files on the server without time limit, provided that the following conditions:
4.1. File was not violating anyone's rights.
4.2. File does not infringe the copyright of third parties and the requirements of international law.
4.3. The file has not notified about any violation which may occur in the cases described above, but not limited to.

5. http://0daymusic.org reserves the right to delete any file from the server without explanation.

6. Service http://0daymusic.org is not responsible for uploaded files. All responsibility for uploaded files lies completely on the user that loads files to the server.

7. Files downloaded using the service http://0daymusic.org is using by users sole discretion, understanding the responsibility that may occur as a result if its actions are illegal.

8. Use the service http://0daymusic.org is PROHIBITED for uploading files that violate or contain:
8.1. any copyright laws;
8.2. international law;
8.3. pornography and child pornography, messages and / or content with explicit sexual overtones;
8.4. advertising messages about escort services, dating services, illegal goods, illegal drugs and / or messages related to terrorist activities;
8.5. materials illustrating the facts of hatred towards others and wearing clearly defamatory, offensive, and containing expressions prejudice or impudent abrupt expletives, including references to violence, harassment, oppression, aggression, or any other inappropriate content;
8.6. services, the provision of which is associated with sending spam messages and / or the creation of financial pyramids or gambling;
8.7. messages containing instructions for the implementation of aggressive and illegal actions against the government, organizations or law enforcement agencies;
8.8. files containing malicious viruses, codes and / or "Trojan horses";

  All files that violate the rules service will be deleted immediately.
  All users who violate the terms of service will be blocked.
  http://0daymusic.org administration reserves the right to terminate the service of any files without explanation.

9.1. All files that violate the rules service will be deleted immediately
9.2. Administration http://0daymusic.org reserves the right to make changes to this Terms of service – User Agreement.
9.3. Current version of the Terms of service – User Agreement of service can be found at:


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